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“Peace Lens is a Strategic Partnership for Youth project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union that started on th1st of September 2018 and finished on August 2021.

The partnership consortium is composed by the following organisations: 

  1. Lieu d’initiatives et de services aux étudiants au Luxembourg, Luxembourg (Coordinator)
  2. Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association, Germany
  3. Crossing Borders, Denmark
  4. EURO-NET, Italy

Peace Lens aims to raise the awareness of young people on the challenges that the EU is facing nowadays: from economic to social and environmental challenges (such as the refugee crisis, climate change, etc.) through playing, as we recognize that playing is a very powerful tool for boosting learning.

The most important project output is the Peace Lens Game. The game is inspired by the idea of the World Peace Game (a hands-on political simulation that gives players the opportunity to explore the connectedness of the global community through the lens of the economic, social, and environmental crises. For more information check the website World Peace Game). Hence, the Peace Lens game tries to do something similar guiding the players through diverse real societal crises we all face as EU citizens and encouraging them to find solutions to these crises while playing. Therefore, through fun, Peace Lens aims to promote active citizenship, raise awareness on EU challenges, and create an environment for empowering young people to take decisions and make strategies.

Besides a handbook, the project also developed other tools to better understand how to play and facilitate the game: a video tutorial and also an OCCR. OCCR stands for Overcoming Crises Creatively and it’s a document in which the facilitator and the players can find further information about each crisis that the game presents (Situation Cards). So, if, for instance, the participants need to deal with the climate change consequences in the game, they can find more information about the real world’s climate change in the OCCR. In this way youngsters can learn more about current facts of our nowadays world while playing.

PeaceLens actually started in September 2018 and needed to end in September 2020 but it was extended till August 2021 because of COVID. Until now, we have had 4 Transnational project meetings and one training that allowed us to come together with our partners to coordinate and realize all the outputs”




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