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Drug use remains a youth threatening problem. Despite the fact that drug usage is prohibited and restricted in many countries, it has not been feasible to preclude it the provide illegal in some ways. This problem is increasing in Spain as well as in almost all European countries. Drug use is increasing rapidly among young people and school-age children. Curiosity, friend’s environment, lack of education, false beliefs, familial and socioeconomic difficulties, easy access to drugs draw our young people into this trap. Furthermore, according to recent research, young people are more likely to meet drugs due to the lack of adequate and appropriate opportunities to direct young people to social, sports, and cultural activities. The aim of the project is to analyze in-depth the factors causing drug use and find solutions to prevent, to increase the knowledge, skills, and quality of the young people participating in the project, to make them a part of the solution; to increase their awareness of decision making in local, regional, national, European and international areas. The project will address the underlying factors and causes of drug use. In addition, the project will focus on how to bring young people who are prone to substance use to social life and how they can be part of the community, to prevent drug use and addiction, to socialize and to be a part of society, to be a component of society. In addition, the activity will respond to many needs beyond knowledge acquisition and experience. Active participation in healthy living and sports activities using Zumba dance, gain team spirit, gain music and dance skills, use them as a tool, gain awareness of healthy living, gain social structure and community awareness.



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